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Fast, Robust & Reliable
Reviews API

Access over 40+ review platforms via Zembra Reviews API. Efficient, cost-effective, with 10,000 free credits on signup for real-time data integration.

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Zembra Key Features

The Review API
That Powers Your Software

Struggling with integrating online reviews from multiple platforms into your software? Sounds like a coding nightmare. Let's turn it into a dream. Meet Zembra.

One Query, Continuous Updates

Zembra's API allows you to request reviews with a single query and receive continuous updates, eliminating the need for constant manual checks.

Flexible, Scalable Pricing

We understand that every business has unique needs. That's why our pricing is adapted for scale and flexibility. Use our services at your own pace, with no minimum purchase or eligibility criteria.


At Zembra, we know that the future of data scraping is real-time data delivery. That’s why we offer webhooks as a way to push updates to you instantly. No more pulling data; instead, the data comes to you as soon as it’s available.

Data Accuracy and Quality

We prioritize the quality and accuracy of our data, providing you with reliable information from over 40 supported platforms.

Integrated with 40+ Widely Used platforms

Zembra Overview

Welcome to Zembra, Your Review API

Your go-to review API for simplifying the complex task of scraping review and social media data.

Welcome to Zembra, Your Review Scraping API

We're an API specifically designed to serve the software industry with high-quality, real-time data for enhanced decision-making and strategic planning.

Leverage our powerful, high-performance API to rid yourself of scraping complexities, maintenance difficulties, time and resource constraints, and security concerns. Say goodbye to the distractions that take your focus away from your core business. With Zembra, outsource your data collection needs, enhance your scalability, and focus on building your product.

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Zembra data collection process

Here's how Zembra reviews API works

Zembra's data collection solution is built on a straightforward, user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of collecting and monitoring review and social media data.



Using our API, you simply input the target business's name or category, along with the address (optional). If you have a specific business in mind, share the name and address, and Zembra will handle the rest.



Our system scans all supported platforms to find pages that represent your target business. It matches results with high fidelity for accurate data retrieval.



With just one call, Zembra promptly delivers all the reviews, posts, comments, reactions, and more from across multiple platforms, in a clean, standardized format. The data is delivered directly to your servers via webhook calls, ensuring robust authentication.



What makes Zembra unique is its ability to provide continuous updates for 30 days, which includes new reviews, replies, deletions, and more. This ensures you always have access to the most up-to-date information.

Our clients trust us

Trusted By

We're proud to be the go-to review scraping API for leading companies in the software industry. Our clients trust us for our high-performance, data accuracy, and scalable solutions.


Your Questions, Answered.

Have questions about our review scraping API? Find all the answers you need in this section, where we address common queries and provide detailed insights to help you make the most of Zembra's offerings.

Zembra offers 10,000 free credits for all first time users. We believe this will make you feel the power of our API. To get started for free, all you need to do is create an account and verify your email address. No payment information is needed.

Zembra will refund all new purchases made by new customers during the first (30) days of the purchase with a refund limit of $1,000. For prepaid self-service orders, even after your first purchase, Zembra will fully refund unused credits if requested within (14) days of purchase.

We understand that in some instances your requests will need more credits than what you actually have in your balance. That's why we allow 2,000 credits overage for prepaid self-service. To prevent service interruptions, we recommend you set up auto-reload and customize your threshold and top-up amount.

Welcome to the Zembra blog

Our latest news

Welcome to the Zembra blog, your go-to source for insights and updates in the realm of review scraping APIs. Stay tuned for expert analyses and tips to help you harness the power of reviews and drive your business forward.

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