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TikTok pulses with creativity and virality. Zembra acts as a bridge to this dynamic content world. It offers an API that serves as your gateway to TikTok’s trends and viral videos. This API delivers TikTok’s vibrant energy in a structured, efficient way.

  • Real-Time Data: Get your hands on TikTok content like posts, profiles, comments, reactions, and hashtags in JSON format, updated with a maximum 6-hour gap from the source.
  • Cost-Effective: Pay only for the records you receive. We offer you the flexibility to issue unlimited requests within a 5-day subscription window at no extra cost.
  • Automated Updates: Stay updated effortlessly with Zembra notification system delivering the latest content updates via webhooks, Slack, or email.
  • Flexible Endpoints: Utilize the TikTok endpoint to request a variety of content types, with data standardized across networks for seamless cross-platform management.

Start today for free

Experience our seamless reviews API service like never before. Start with 10,000 free credits and get 7,000 reviews, posts and comments.

How It Works:

With Zembra, collecting interactions from TikTok is like choreographing a viral dance.

Integrate our API to start receiving real-time updates, as if you’re directing a trending performance.