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Glassdoor is an important platform for businesses and employees alike. It offers insights about companies from those who know them best – their employees. As such, managing and collecting reviews from Glassdoor can significantly impact your reputation and recruitment. Zembra simplifies this process, delivering Glassdoor reviews right to you.

  • Real-Time Data: Get instant access to Glassdoor reviews as people post them, so you can actively manage your company’s reputation.
  • Robust API: Built to handle vast amounts of data, ensuring review collection from Glassdoor.
  • Accurate Data: Reliable data scraping that guarantees the accuracy of every review collected from Glassdoor.

Start today for free

Experience our seamless reviews API service like never before. Start with 10,000 free credits and get 7,000 reviews, posts and comments.

How It Works:

  • With Zembra, the process of collecting reviews from Glassdoor becomes easy. Integrate our API into your system to receive notifications via webhooks when someone posts a new review on Glassdoor.
  • Pricing: For specific pricing related to Glassdoor integration, please visit our pricing page or contact us for more details.